JamPuz - The JOTA-JOTI Puzzle Game

Use amateur radio and the internet to take part in JamPuz

JamPuz is a key component of JOTA-JOTI and can be used by those participating in JOTA-JOTI using amateur radio and the internet; if you are communicating with other Scouts during JOTA-JOTI then you can take part in JamPuz!

JamPuz (short for Jamboree Puzzle) is a way to swap identity codes with other JOTA-JOTI participants that you interact with during JOTA-JOTI. Each JOTA-JOTI registered group or individual is issued with a JOTA-JOTI JamPuz ID code (known as a JID).

To take part in JamPuz, you will need your JID code, which can be found under the My Account section. To ensure JID is properly generated, you will need to make sure the scout.org account is up to date and that your National Scout Organization and Country is selected.

The principle is simple; every time you make contact with another JOTA-JOTI participant during the JOTA-JOTI weekend you ask for, and record, their JID; and they will record your JID.


The objective of JamPuz is to make contact with other Scouts (and Guides) and to help participants to record the variety of countries, regions etc. that you have made contact with. But, contacting fellow Scouts is not simply about the number of contacts you make, it is about conversations. So please spend time actually chatting to your fellow Scouts not simply collect their JID and then move on to the next contact

Please remember that JamPuz is about conversations; not simply contacts.

While playing JamPuz you are also participating in Scouts for Sustainable Development Goals, learning and making a better world ans TRANSFORMING EDUCATION. For more information about the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) please visit sdgs.scout.org.

JamPuz is about having fun!

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JamPuz is about meeting Scouts and Guides around the world!