Your Well-Being Guide

JOTA-JOTI Health and Well-being Guide


Welcome to your JOTA-JOTI Health and Well-being Guide!! Here you will learn some tips and tricks on how to enjoy JOTA-JOTI while staying safe and healthy. 


First of all, did you know that JOTA-JOTI is the world’s largest digital and radio Scouting event? It promotes international friendship and global citizenship! So cool, right? This means that during three full days, young people like you can access sessions, activities, chat rooms, and so much more!


However, we need to be aware that online events can mean a lot of screen time, which can be bad for your health. To enjoy JOTA-JOTI while avoiding too much screen time and enjoying a healthy lifestyle, here are some actions you can take:


  1. Stay hydrated


The excitement of JOTA-JOTI can be a lot and we can sometimes forget to drink water because we are so busy enjoying sessions, activities, and meeting friends. However, it is super important to drink water so our brains can work better and to keep us energised.


  • Challenge: Right now, go need to find one friend or family member, and ask them if they have had enough water today. Remind them that drinking water keep us hydrated, energized and happy. Then, you can both enjoy a glass of water together while talking about your favorite part of JOTA-JOTI.


  1. Schedule regular exercise


JOTA-JOTI is an online and radio event, which means that we are usually sitting down while joining sessions, exchanging messages with our friends or going through the digital campsite. Because of this, we are probably not moving our bodies enough and we could feel a bit more tired and down. Exercise gives us motivation, energy, and keeps us healthy.


  • Challenge: Have your own dance party! Find your favorite song, stand up and dance alone (or with your friends or family)! Dance using your whole body and have fun while doing it.


  1. Take a screen break

JOTA-JOTI may keep you looking at your computer or phone screen for a longtime. We’re so glad you are enjoying and learning during these three days of JOTA-JOTI! However, being on a screen for long periods of time can be hard on our eyes, our mental health, our ability to concentrate, and more. Taking breaks to clear our heads, walk around, and have a snack can provide clarity, motivation, inspiration, and peace of mind. You can find more ideas for how to take screen breaks here.

  • Challenge: This year’s JOTA-JOTI includes many activities you can do without your device, and with friends or family. Your challenge is to select your favorite activity and ask a friend to do it with you - no screens allowed (except for reading instructions)!


  1. Connect with friends from around the world

Depending how you participate, an online event can sometimes feel lonely. However, one of the best parts about JOTA-JOTI is the possibility to meet people from all around the world! Connecting with old friends or making new ones can make you smile, learn, and have fun.

  • Challenge: Go to one of the chat rooms on the campsite and try to meet a friend who is your age and find out which is their favorite color and sport.


  1. Learn new skills

Research shows that learning new skills can improve your mental well-being by:

  • boosting self-confidence and raising self-esteem,
  • helping build a sense of purpose, and
  • helping you connect with others.

Even if you feel like you do not have enough time during JOTA-JOTI or you may not need to learn new things, there are lots of different sessions you can join or activities you can see/do to learn something new

  • Challenge: Choose a session with a topic you know nothing or little about, and join it! At the end of JOTA-JOTI, make a list of everything new you learned during these three days.

These are just some of the ways that you can stay healthy and well during JOTA-JOTI. However, we want you to stay safe too, which means learning about ways to stay safe while enjoying online activities. For this, you can check out this article on how to be safe during online events.

In Scouting, activities are always meant to be fun while we learn new things. If you want to keep enjoying Scout activities, you need to stay healthy, so make your well-being a priority!