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Get your first World Scouting NFT badge!

Do you want to earn World Scouting's first green NFT badge? This is the greenst possible NFT!

Follow the steps below carefully to get yours! But hurry up, as there will only be 500 available in total!!!


1. Go to the page:


2. In the TEXT box, where it reads "enter text here", put the special password...

Here are the hints for the password:

  • Two words password.
  • What is the Scout Motto?
  • Use only lowercase letters & add a space between the words.


3. Finally, look around the page for the final link or QR code.

If you input the right password, the page will generate the right link and QR code to the page to claim your NFT badge.


Learn more about our green NFT badge here:


NFT badge

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