Welcome to the JOTA-JOTI Radio Base

This is the place to be to experience the magic of radio waves.

With just a piece of metal wire, and a radio, you can contact Scouts in all parts of the world. You need the help of a licensed amateur radio operator (a person with a drivers license for radio)  for some of these activities. The Scout group leaders have arranged that for you. if needed, they can get help at the Jamboree HQ tent.

So what is Amateur Radio really?  Let’s have a look at this 5 minute introduction:


To know before you start at the radio base

What about amateur radio?


Operate a radio:

short-wave long distance radio, with exciting experiments

What are these call sign license plates?

Check in to a “Net

How to find another Scout radio station?

What is the best time to contact any part on the globe? Ask your radio amateur to help you calculate it here.

Can we use Internet to remote control a radio transmitter? Yes, you can. Try Echolink.

Contest interference and noise on the radio waves? Try this.

Show off all the contacts that you have made in an on-line list




a radio contact with the headquarters of WOSM in Malaysia

did you ever try Morse Code?

Explore the whole world with mysterious radio waves


Must do:

Listen to the whole world via radio right here !

Check out other radio receivers.

Try them all and have fun !


The obstacle course: lay out a short course with obstacles, e.g. made of small PVC pipes. A blind-folded cub Scout must find his way through the obstacle course. He is guided by another Cub Scout who instructs him where to go via a walky talky.


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Back to the campsite….you can come back any time; radio is a 24/7 operation. Is your radio amateur asleep at night? Go wake him up….!

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