JOTA-JOTI 2022 Guide / FAQ

How do I ... register?

There is a link to the online registration system on every page of the website. Simply click the "Sign Up / Log In" button at the top of the screen.

Help on registering, including a step by step guide, is available at:


How do I ... find my password?

Having a login to the website is needed to register for JOTA-JOTI. Registration is free. If you have registered for JOTA-JOTI in recent years, then you will already have a log in, but you may not remember what it is.  

To find your password, please visit and click on "LOGIN" at the top of the screen. Scroll down and click on "FORGOT PASSWORD?" - this will take you through the process of being able to reset your password.

More guidance is available here:


How do I ... find my username?

Each account is linked to a unique username. This could be your email address or a username that you had previously registered on the system.

If you cannot remember your username, first try using your email address. If you use multiple email addresses, which one are you most likely to have used for this?

If you still cannot locate your username, it will probably be easier to create a new account.


How do I ... use amateur radio during JOTA-JOTI?

Amateur radio, sometimes called “Ham Radio", is a key element of JOTA-JOTI and pre-dates the internet element of the event. Basic information is available at

We have also produced a detailed guide on using amateur radio that you can download at:

If you have not already considered amateur radio for your JOTA-JOTI weekend, then it is likely too late to organise something for this year but you could invite members of your local amateur radio club to help plan for engaging with amateur radio for JOTA-JOTI 2023.


How do I ... report a concern that I have?

We have comprehensive 'Safe from Harm' procedures in place throughout the event. This includes volunteering monitoring online discussions as well as a support process in the background.  If you have any concerns, please email details to

For further information, including links to online training, please visit


How do I ... report inappropriate contact?

Are you concerned about something you have seen online or over the airwaves at the event? Report any hurtful or suspicious activity that concerns you or that you have witnessed to

You can also request support from a Listening Ear, a trained member of a dedicated team who can guide and support a Scout facing risk of harm or experiencing discomfort at the event. Listening Ears offer a welcoming, safe, non-threatening, non-judgmental environment for Scouts to seek help proactively on behalf of themselves or others. To request Listening Ear support, please email


How do I ... watch the live shows?

On each of the three days of JOTA-JOTI three will be two live shows. They will be broadcast at 12midnight GMT and 2.00pm GMT each day. You can watch the shows on the live webpage at as well as on Facebook

Missed a show? Do not worry, you will be able to watch the shows we have recorded at


How do I ... listen to JOTI Radio?

The JOTI Radio online radio station will be broadcasting throughout JOTA-JOTI, to listen just visit


How do I access event graphics?

We have everything for you to post and share information about the JOTA-JOTI here:

This board will give you ideas and graphics for you to promote it with your Scouting Friends. 


How do I … find my JID for JamPuz?

Individuals and groups registered to take part in this year’s JOTA-JOTI have been allocated a unique JID code, which they can use to take part in JamPuz, the JOTA-JOTI Puzzle Game. You can find your JID by logging in to your JOTA-JOTI account from the top of any page on the website, and going to “My Account” (


How do I … learn more about JamPuz?

JamPuz, or Jamboree Puzzle, is a fun activity that encourages conversations between participants over the JOTA-JOTI weekend. The principle is simple. Every time you make contact with another participant, you exchange and record each other’s JID. The aim is to make contact with other Scouts and Guides, and help participants record the different countries and regions that you have made contact with. To learn more about JamPuz, simply visit


How do I … take part in JamPuz?

Full information on JamPuz, including how to locate your JID code and the various documents that you will help take part, can be found at 


How do I … connect with new friends during JOTA-JOTI?

Communication with other Scouts and Guides around the world is a key component of the JOTA-JOTI weekend.  We have made a series of different platforms available to help with this:

  • RocketChat, moderated theme based chat system - more information at
  • ScoutLink IRC (Internet Relay Chat), this is a simple moderated online chat system - more information at