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This is the Jamboree HQ where you can learn what JOTA-JOTI is all about.

JOTA-JOTI is a digital Jamboree connecting young people from around the world through the Internet and radio each year. This year JOTA-JOTI offered the opportunity to:

  • Make friends from around the world!
  • Participate in the multiple dialogues of hot topics that shape our future world
  • Learn through this year's paths focusing on nature, friendship, community, health and advocacy
  • Show-off awesome talents from singing to cooking by getting up on JOTA-JOTI's Youth Got Talent stage or sit back and watch the show
  • Spread positivity and build an online community during this unique year

JOTA-JOTI 2020 took place from 16-18 October.
You may still explore the JOTA-JOTI campsite and watch recorded sessions, live shows and access the activities! Have questions? Need some answers check out the Support Centre.

See you next JOTA-JOTI !